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Be A Part Of Something Bigger!

We’ve created the most epic opportunity for like-minded ladies to come together! Our ‘Ladies HQ VIP Collective’ is a completely unique concept, aimed to offer connection, networking and learning with like-minded ladies across a hybrid model of online AND in-person events. We’re a real-life community of connected women who empower each other to learn new skills, try new things and have more FUN together!

We have community connection hubs rolled out across the whole Perth metro region.

(regional WA and Australian-wide coming soon)

 Hubs are targeted to be within each 20km radius ensuring accessible areas for women while creating connections close to home.

(limited space per hub may apply, we are aiming to increase locations rapidly with your support)

How does it work?

Over the last 3 years the ‘Ladies HQ’ brand has been approached and recognised as a leader in creating new experiences and fun opportunities for women! Our hybrid community hubs brings together a unique and aligned approach of all thing’s personal growth and self-development. Powerful collaborations and shared wisdom has always been our foundation… 

Each month ‘Ladies HQ VIPs’ get access to all of this and heaps more:

✅ In-person women’s circle at your local community connection hub; partnering with facilitators for sound healing, meditation, sharing circles, spiritual learnings/tools, mindfulness practices (Something different to try each month)

✅ Online learning/webinar with monthly empowerment activities and universal energy updates (including moon cycles and key spiritual dates)

✅ In-personal social community connection events; think day trips, hikes, snorkels, long lunches, exclusive business openings/offers – you’ll never socialise alone again!

Bonus inclusions:

✅ Library of online workshops including; Make-Up Masterclass, Dream Interpretation Workshop, Creative Mini-Course (and recorded access to all future online trainings)

✅ Exclusive offers from businesses and marketing companies to gift/pay forward, such as event tickets, trials, physical products, etc. – all gifted goodies go to our VIPs!

✅Plus… We’ll always ask what you want! This is a community-created initiative after all…


Benefits of Being a VIP...

Aside  from having the most kickass, welcoming women in our community; Nothing like this exists anywhere else! We’ve created a highly valuable opportunity to be a part of something bigger. We are able to keep the costs considerably low since we’ve partnered with business and facilitators who really want to see humanity shift and help women step into being their best version! In fact, we already have over 100+ ladies who have said YES to this awesome community!

Not only do you receive an incredible community to be a part of, the offerings we provide would typically cost you hundreds of dollars each month – even being able to attend just one event every so often shows you that your spot in our community literally pays for itself. Being a part of our ‘VIP collective’ means we can continue to provide safe inclusive spaces for all females. Over six-months you’ll get to experience a range of events with so many amazing women! Your onoing support allows us to change the social stigma for all women.

So give yourself something to look forward to each month!

More About Our Mission!

Throughout history women have always been stronger when they stood together. There were traditional ways for women to gather and connect – but somewhere along the way we lost the importance of community & belonging.

That’s where we come in! For over 3 years ‘Ladies HQ’ has been bringing back all things sisterhood and support! We’ve been providing a safe space for women to learn new skills, try new things, have more fun and build each other THE hell up!

Women will be the change in the world – despite all of our challenges, we’ve consistently found ways to unite and work towards positive change, personally and collectively.

What Types Of Women Are Involved?

Our collective is a chance for you to have REAL conversations with women around dreams, hopes, desires, struggles, healing and everything in-between. Our ‘Ladies HQ Leaders’ of each hub have been chosen due to their friendly approach, past experiences, professional skills and expertise. We accept all ages and women from walks of life – we pride ourselves on creating a safe, judgement free zone where you can simply be yourself.
Be assured you’re in the right place!

There’s way more to life than working, hustling and living day-to-day.

We are only limited by our imagination! Here some potential event types:

  • Soulful/Spiritual events (meditations, ladies circles, yoga, breathwork, journaling)
  • Social events (sundowners, movie nights, themed dinners, dance parties)
  • DIY workshops (upcycling, mechanics, power tools, other creative outlets)
  • Self-care focus (make-up workshops, hair styling, skincare, facials)

Ready to say YES to you?!

Join our ‘Ladies HQ VIP Collective’!

Think ‘gym membership’ but fun, connection, growth and learning with women just like you!

All this value for only $40 a month(or opt 6 months upfront for only $200)!!

Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription

Recurring Questions we get asked


We have over 100+ VIP members at the moment – we monitor the number of to ensure we are able to have exclusive events and offers available for all community members. We have had a waitlist for some time, however when spots become sporadicity available the link below will be clickable, so jump in if you get the opportunity! You can also join the waitlist here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ladieshqvip/

This is a MEMBER made community where we just keep getting bigger and better to help even more women… WOOHOO!! Our free community officially opened in 2020 now has over 13,000 members! www.facebook.com/groups/ladieslivinglifebeyondlimits

Our own HQ building is located NOR in Wangara. However, we have multiple hubs popping up all over Perth (as seen in the image) Where possible we also try to have online sessions for extra accessibility and opportunities to re-watch content at a later date. We are in the process of expanding throughout WA and then we’ll be looking to grow across Australia. If we aren’t close to you, click here to stay updated on new locations: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/64ec62f7c2836fce4ecfb16b

Simply let us know! Maybe you’re heading on holiday, your circumstances temporarily change or you need a break…? We keep a list of lovely ladies in need of some love and support so – we often contact them if we know you can’t attend for a period of time.

Still wondering if this is for you?

Our VIPS are the type of ladies who put their hands up to try new things, love meeting like-minded women and quite simply, just want to get more FUN and ENJOYMENT in their life!! They think age is just a number and that women can get further, together. They want allll the positivity around them!

– Activities undertaken as a part of Ladies HQ are to be conducted at your own risk, always consider your personal circumstances.

– Location of the events or premise may change without notice.

– If a monthly payment is missed, our system will automatically continue to process your card. If it continues to fail, you will be removed from the private ‘Ladies HQ VIP Collective’ group and you will no longer be able to attend events. As a result, we will offer your place to the next person on the waitlist.

– No refunds/returns/break in the time period under any circumstances. For instances such as Covid, we have an online event model we can move to as a contingency plan.

– You consent to us using images, videos or comments containing you for promotional materials

– The min. time period for our VIP collective is 6-months. After this time, if you don’t wish to continue, please send an email 14-days prior to admin@ladieshq.com.au so we can cancel your payments