Self-Care For Girls who swear

A self-care community with solid devotion to YOURSELF! Create a life that finally reflects YOUR priorities and aligns you to living your best life!

Feeling Stuck? Unmotivated?
Stressed? Anxious? Unhappy?!
We hear you girl!

But we’re here to tell you… You are NOT alone!

And it’s certainly not your fault…

Time and time again, we seen women put themselves last.

There is no doubt this is causing energetic imbalances resulting in stress, mental health struggles, loss of identity, burnout, and the dreaded reality that life is the same thing day-in and day-out and will never change.

The countless females we’ve worked with have typically forgotten what they love, don’t know what they want out of their lives, and try to please everyone… Meaning they leave themselves last every damn time….

Well, it’s our job to say… FUCK THAT!!

You are ready to start putting yourself first!

It’s time to get your life in alignment and make it one you actually love…

Girl, have we got the good shit for you

Our mission is to create and foster a supportive environment where you’ll feel  empowered, positive, and enthusiastic about life!

A safe place to learn, heal and start aligning to the life you want to live!

Tools + Inclusions

(All this would cost you over $15k+ combined)!

Personalised sound healing frequency ($297)

Customised to your voice to clear blocks and restore your energy centres to a neutral state

Daily affirmation cards, program book, scratch cards ($147)

For motivation, mindset and quick self-care reminders

Weekly live group coaching calls/guest masterclasses ($2,947)

To stay accountable to your goals, offer new learnings/perspectives, direct help

1:1 Strategy session

With one of our self-care coaches to target exactly what you need – energy/chakra rebalancing, NLP mindset session, hypnosis, etc.

Monthly goal setting workshops

Stay clear on your goals with quick re-alignment

Mind-Body-Soul-Money mastery tools + trainings ($997)

Hand-picked tools and trainings for chronological reprogramming and alignment

+ Additional trainings and resources (usually $197+ each, so literally over $10k value)

You get access to all of this!

24/7 Online support group + ‘self-care share’ group chat (pricelesssss)

To ask for support any time or share your wins

Opportunity to be offered life-time guarantee for resources, program & group

We won’t boot you out til you’re ready babe!

What does it involve?

(No seriously – tell me what I’ll really have to do)!

OK, all of the inclusions above might sound overwhelming AF so we’ll give you a real snapshot of what this looks like in real life…

But girl… in this self-care community we are setting you up so you can’t fail!

We will hold your hand every step of the way and when we say there are no dumb questions… WE MEAN IT (remember Rebecca Kelly used to be a high school teacher haha)!

As long as you are committed to changing your life for the better, we’ll empower you every step of the way to make the right choices and changes!

Keep telling me more…


One of the instrumental pieces to clearing and starting fresh will be working on your ENERGY! Right at the beginning you’ll provide us some simple details so we can through your personalised sound healing frequency. This is different for absolutely every lovely lady… but they all go for 3-minutes with the recommendation of listening once a day (literally you will see results from this)! Obviously we’d also love you to be doing a simple self-care task, daily affirmation card-pull and working on your short term goals somehow… but you’ll learn how this is all possible in the program.


If you can, jump on our weekly coaching calls with guest experts – these only go for an hour each week and there is always an instant live replay in the group if you miss it. If you want to be a real grade A gal, watching an additional training video each week from the 40+ resources we give you in the video library will fast track your re-programming progress!


We have our live goal setting workshops (also recorded) and you’ll be emailed a fresh Mind-Body-Soul-Money mastery tool + training each month to implement.


Don’t forget you’ll have your 1:1 strategy session for targeted work on your goal/life stage as well as all the amazing support in the online group/self-care share group chat.

Here are some of the badass bitches now living their BEST lives

Over the last two years we’ve evolved and watched our systems, tools and strategies work with all types of women time and time again! We’ve gone from a 30-day program to a 4-month lifestyle transformation!

(A few of these ladies are still in the community today, even after two years!)

Common questions from the gals…


You are locked in with us for four months, then it’s up to you if you’d like to remain in the community (a majority of the ladies stay for more support!). Ideally you should get through a large portion of the content over four months, HOWEVER we know shit happens! That’s why we give you the option to access absolutely everything for an ongoing arrangement after your time in the community comes to an end. That way you can snap up a spot but start a little later if needed, go on holiday or take a break if you need it for any reason. It doesn’t matter if you go MIA for a couple of weeks (although we’ll miss you!) or shit goes down, you can jump back in and we’ll be there to hold your hand. Hello motivation!!

The beauty of this community and our systems is that you can literally see success from as little as three minutes a day. You can choose how much time you really want to put into your transformation, but we’ve made it as convenient, quick and easy as possible – It’s meant to be manageable for even the time-poorest of ladies! Rebecca Kelly created this program while doing full time teaching and running her own biz, she knows how precious time is! If ya got time to scroll on socials, you’ve got time to work on yoself!!

As we’re sure you can understand, we limit places in the community to ensure every lovely lady is supported! We don’t open the doors for just any gal at any time. As we also have physical products it’s dependent on our stock levels. This means there is limited availability in our community and a place will only be offered periodically. If you’ve been offered a spot, snap it up! As the community grows in popularity and there is increased content, the price will also rise so jump in while you can!

We want as many ladies as possible aligning to living their best life! We try to do this without the exorbitant price tag, even with all the value you would get. Would you believe us if we said literally a coffee a day – With options to pay upfront or over the course of the community term. We are increasing the cost as the content grows so don’t delay in joining the waitlist so we can get you in!

About Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly is a women’s empowerment coach, business strategist, podcast host, educator, speaker and founder of renowned coaching and events company ‘Ladies HQ’.

Bec is on a mission to empower women everywhere to start living the kickass lives they deserve – whether that’s helping ladies look inwards to see what they really want out of their lives or building businesses from start-up to full on scale!

After leaving behind two wildly successful careers in marketing and education, she considers herself a life-long-learner with various degrees, trainings and certifications. Her inspiration for learning fuels her passion in building women to be more confident in themselves through having a supportive community, collaborating with others, and learning to communicate their needs effectively.

Through her courses, trainings, programs and events you will see how she brings a unique spin to women’s empowerment (often using swearing) sharing her mindset hacks, spiritual tools and wide range of knowledge. She has spent the past few years living and breathing personal development, realising she wanted to learn everything these is to know about helping women thrive and transform into the best version of themselves.

As you will see from the hundreds of positive reviews for Ladies HQ and the testimonials from her coaching programs, Rebecca believes all women can step into their power when they have simple strategies and the right tools. Prepare to start living the kickass life you deserve, because you’re about to be welcomed into a world where you can become the women you’re always wanted to be!

You know it’s time to put YOURSELF first and work on YOU to make shit happen! Join these babes and finally feel supported on levelling up your life!

We are a ‘rolling community’ which runs all year round – we can only offer places periodically once we have a lovely lady leave or when we open places for a launch!

Make sure you’re on the waitlist so we can get in touch when there’s space for you! We review these frequently so get on it. You could have all these tools and life changes for less than a cup of coffee a day!

YES! Give me ALL this good shit!

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