Self-Care Video Library

Trainings : Mindset

Drama Triangle

Building No BS Boundaries

Uncovering Your Decisions + Behaviours

Reflection + Life Stages

Self-Talk Training

What The F*ck Are You Waiting For?

Re-Wiring Subconscious Stories

Effective Communication Training

Stress Management Tips and Tools

Routines + Habits

Future You Hypno

Getting To Where You Want To Be

Time Hacking

Unsexy Self-Care: Boundary Setting

Dealing With Toxic People & Personalities

Goodbye Guilt

Boundaries - Decision Making and People Pleasing

Mindset Magic

Beat Seasonal Blues

Smashing Your Stuck State

Terminate Or Tolerate

Step Into Who You Really Want To Be

Kickass Time Management

Building Confidence

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Intention Setting

Discover Your Values

Align To Your Values - Part 2

Dream Board Workshop

Painful Partnerships

Overcoming Obstacles

Stress Coping Strategies

Intention Setting For Radical Responsibility

Get the f*ck unstuck

Building Boundaries

Goal Setting Self-Sabotage

Unstuck Strategies - Picture Tapping

Call Replay: Creative Mini-Course

Anxiety Action Plan

Trainings: Body

Embrace Your Feminine Flow

Being Body Aware

Exploring Chakras

The Truth About Trauma

Stop Emotional Eating

Relax + Unwind: Self-Care Session

Body Love Tools + Techniques

Discussing Death + Grief Process


Healthy Habits: Living & Eating

Brain Health, Nutrition and Mental Wellbeing

Easy Meal Prep and Kitchen Confidence

Breaking Through Burnout

Happy Hormones Workshop

Period Power

Self-Care Facials + Skincare

Tapping (EFT) Through Turmoil

Essential Oils Class

Trainings: Soul

Intro to Spirituality and Soul Work

Spiritual Understanding - Your Energy Field

Creating a Spiritual Practice

Introduction to the Inner Child

Rapid Energy Clearing

Stepping Into Spiritual Sovereignty

Intergenerational Trauma Info Sesh

Connect With Your Spiritual Self

Introduction to Numerology

Human Design Course

Self-Awareness Through Astrology

Everything Energy Healing

Clearing + Cleansing with Kim Herman

New Moon Activation

Full Moon Burn + Release

Energy Audit with Kim Herman

Emotional Release + Reflect

Spiritual Self-Care

Your Date With Destiny

Nurturing Your Spirit Through Rituals and Self-Care

Big-Ass Full Moon Burn + Release

Energy Alignment with Kim Herman

Tea Leaf Ceremony

Intro To Palmistry

Trainings: Money

Law of Attraction Training

Manic Manifesting and Raising Your Vibration

Money Mindset + Manifesting More

Hacking Your Money Mindset

Confidence and Feminine Power

Career Exploration, Dream Jobs & Interview Tips

Mini-Motivational Bonus Trainings:

Stopping Self-Sabotage

Look at You

Forming Better Habits - Habit Stacking

Bring in Joy

Getting Organised: Trello Training

Staying Safe Online

Procrastination: Eating the Frog

Motivation: 5 Second Rule

Messages From The Body

Bonus Trainings: Mum’s Mindset

Emotions Workshop

Routines Workshop

Mum Motivation

Mummas Mindset Makeover

Christmas Shit Show