Vision Board Workshop

Learn How To Create Your Reality

And build a Vision Board that ACTUALLY works!

Are you busy stuck in the rat race or on this ‘hamster wheel’ called ‘life’?!

You DON’T have to keep living on repeat or wondering if you’ll ever get your deepest dreams and desires. Would you like clarity, direction or guidance on what you really want?

You CAN have it ALL… When you learn HOW to set intentions and manifest (the right way)…

Girl, you need our Vison Board workshop!

What to expect


Our jam packed annual ‘Vision Board Workshop’ is held live at the beginning of each calendar year – this is our third year running and we’ve helped hundreds of ladies harness their desires and bring them into reality!

If you missed the live session, not to worry! The recording is available all year around – we often have periodical discount codes and offers, so keep an eye out.

In terms of the workshop itself, there is an incredibly structured approach to creating an effective vision board. Starting off with clear intention setting, you will be directed from start to finish on planning your vision board, creating a digital or physical copy and the tools required to manifest these visions into reality. 

It’s NOT as simple as sticking a bunch of pictures together and hoping for the best…

There’s a design, purpose and system to attract the life you desire…

What are you waiting for?! Let us help you create your reality in 2023!

Vision Boards created in the past:

We have a simple, consistent design that allows anyone to make a vision board whether electronically or in physical form. There is a very specific structure to unlock the highest form of manifesting possible. You can check out some of the ladies past designs here:

Feedback and success from our Vision Board workshops:

There has been immense growth, countless wins, manifestations and MORE as a result of undertaking our vision board workshops. You can witness the specific wins here:

Seriously, it’s time to start living the kickass life you deserve!

For just $47 I’m giving you the opportunity to empower yourself with the knowledge you need to start manifesting your desires into reality!

Recurring Questions I get asked


You will have lifetime access to the vision board workshop in our private Facebook group. Please send a join request to www.facebook.com/groups/visionboard2023

If you purchase the workshop after the date we will give you access – please send a join request to: www.facebook.com/groups/visionboard2023

As human beings we are all filled with infinite possibilities. The time, dedication and practice you invest in your own desires will be crucial. Individual results will vary, however this process has been proven a success time and time again for so many ladies.

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