Ladies HQ Spiritual School

Your ultimate gateway to mastering self-discovery and spiritual development TOGETHER.

Feeling like there’s more to life? Always been curious about your spiritual side?
At Ladies HQ we’re here to tell you the time to level-up your life through spirituality is NOW!

Our 12-week progressive curriculum provides a transformative experience where our expert contributors will assist you to connect with the universe, your higher-self and spirit guides
in ways you never thought possible.

Whether you’re a spiritual newbie or a seasoned seeker, our Ladies HQ Spiritual School offers the tools, teachings, and tribe to take your life to the next level.

Trainings + Teachers

(all this would cost you over $8k combined)!

We’ve crafted the perfect combination of topics and teachers to guide you through a holistic journey, wherever you may be on your spiritual journey. Each week you’ll work with:

Spiritual and Higher-Self Connection with Kim Herman – Multidimensional Coach + Ascension Guide

Subconscious Support and Discernment with Hannah Sawyer – Holistic Health + Breathwork Coach 

Energetic Boundaries and Psychic Protection with Faye Suzanne – Lightworker Birthing The New Humanity 

Intuition Activation, Past Life & Code Remembering with Gezzell Sabina – Intuitive Energy Practitioner + Hands-On Holistic Healer

Energetic Discovery + activation alongside Spiritual Education with Rebecca Kelly – Community Creator and holder of huge space!

Meditation, Embodiment and The Human Experience with Dominique Fletcher –  Embodiment + Nurture Coach

Channeling and Connected Consciousness with Megan Catherin – Spiritual Connector + Energy Management 

Gong, Sound Healing and Breath Awareness with Kohra Hildebrand – Sound Healer + Space Holder for Mind Body & Spiritual Alignment

Human Design and Energetics with Sarah Miller – Mindset Coach + Soul Purpose Specialist

BONUS: Wican Discovery + Moon Cycle Mastery with Elissa Wilson – Ritual Woman + Women’s Wican Coach

BONUS: Modality Discovery Day (Kundalini/Reiki) with Stacey Anne Bernadette Kelly – Holistic Healing Practitioner + Women’s Wellness Advocate

And lots more surprises

Spiritual activations, guest speakers and even more to be revealed!
speakers/topics may be subject to exchange

What does it involve?

(No seriously, is this for me)?

You don’t need any spiritual experience, understanding or foundations – we are here to guide you through the basics as your spirituality and soul connection grows. Perfect for beginners who have always wondered if there’s more to life or those who are already spiritually connected wanting to explore energetics further. Over 12-weeks we’ll uncover the practical skills to enhance your spiritual experience as you unlock a new level of understanding and awareness through immersive weekly workshops and weekend retreat style sessions.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant, supportive spiritual community
where you can
grow, heal, and thrive.

If you’ve been feeling the pull to dive into your spiritual side and uncover just how good life gets to be…
 You’re ready to join us in Ladies HQ Spiritual School!


This is our first time running this immersive course and community. Essentially as we build and grow from here, this price won’t be repeated. 


We have capped numbers and have no idea when we’ll have capacity to run this again, so don’t let your spirituality sit on the sidelines.

About Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly is a women’s empowerment coach, business strategist, podcast host, educator, speaker and founder of renowned coaching and events company ‘Ladies HQ’.

Bec is on a mission to empower women everywhere to start living the kickass lives they deserve – whether that’s helping ladies look inwards to see what they really want out of their lives or building businesses from start-up to full on scale!

After leaving behind two wildly successful careers in marketing and education, she considers herself a life-long-learner with various degrees, trainings and certifications. Her inspiration for learning fuels her passion in building women to be more confident in themselves through having a supportive community, collaborating with others, and learning to communicate their needs effectively.

Through her courses, trainings, programs and events you will see how she brings a unique spin to women’s empowerment (often using swearing) sharing her mindset hacks, spiritual tools and wide range of knowledge. She has spent the past few years living and breathing personal development, realising she wanted to learn everything these is to know about helping women thrive and transform into the best version of themselves.

As you will see from the hundreds of positive reviews for Ladies HQ and the testimonials from her coaching programs, Rebecca believes all women can step into their power when they have simple strategies and the right tools. Prepare to start living the kickass life you deserve, because you’re about to be welcomed into a world where you can become the women you’re always wanted to be!

You know it’s time to put YOURSELF first and work on YOU! Join our amazing spiritual community of like minded ladies where you can finally feel supported on leveling up your life!

Good news! Doors are currently open with places available!

YES! I’m ready to join Ladies HQ Spiritual School!

 Standard 12-week coaching price $1,4997 
You get access to our first ever round of ‘Ladies HQ’ for $500 off!


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Common questions from the gals…


There will be live weekly online learning sessions running from 60-90 minutes. Every session is recorded with instant replay available. Once a month on a weekend there is also the opportunity to dive into a more Q+A style session exploring different modalities and working with different healers. Aside from that, you ultimately choose how much time you really want to put into your transformation – we always make it as convenient, quick and easy as possible – It’s meant to be manageable for even the time-poorest of ladies, we know how precious time is! If ya got time to scroll on socials, you’ve got time to work on your spiritual self!!

The cohort runs for 12-weeks, then it’s up to you if you’d like to remain in the community (a majority of the ladies we work with in our education space stay for all the good vibes)! We will be having an extension to ‘Ladies HQ Spiritual School’ to continue into the ‘Ascension Academy’ – this will offer more advanced topics and trainings after completing the foundational level.

Unfortunately not, we don’t open the doors at just any time. We work with spiritual leaders which takes a lot of advanced planning, we are never sure when we will repeat offers or training opportunities. Further to this, as Ladies HQ Spiritual School grows in popularity and there is increased content, the price will also rise so jump in while you can!

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