Soulful Self-Discovery!

Learn How To Unlock Your Life! Ready to uncover what’s been holding you back?

Do you feel like stress, anxiety or overwhelm is currently taking over your life?

Wish someone would come along and just SHOW you how to move through issues or frustrations?

Thinking there HAS to be a better way, or feel like begging for some type of breakthrough?

Let me show you how it’s done!

What Awaits Within:

If you’re ready to release what no longer serves you, you MUST look within.

I’ve spent time perfecting the perfect self-discovery cycle that gets women un-fucking-stuck.

I want to show you the steps of how you can live a life filled with joy, freedom and abundance…

Connecting with your higher-self and REALLY understanding your mind, body and soul lies the secret.

No matter how many coaches, psychics, healers or psychologist you see… No one can do this inner-work for you! It’s time to get your life back on track – learn how step into your true potential NOW!

How Can This Help Me?

Making the decision to embark on your self-discovery journey can unlock so much within yourself:


o   De-clutter your mind

o   Reduce stress/anxiety

o   Improve emotional regulation/mood


o   Re-spark your creativity and boost happiness/motivation

o   Use breakthrough to create crystal clear intentions and goals

o   Strengthen your self-discipline and take rapid self-responsibility


o   Learn to balance your own energetic body and chakras

o   Connect spiritually with your intuition and higher-self

o   Heal issues from the past keeping you stuck

o   Manifest your true desires and transform your life

What’s Included?

The combination of inclusions will allow you to quickly work through past blocks and receive divine inner-guidance within 30-days. This system has been designed for even the busiest of women to see success.

        The physical guidebook is filled with simple prompts, self-care secrets and rituals to help pinpoint imbalances so you can align your mind, body and soul quickly.

        The included daily journaling affirmation cards serve as connection to your intuition and a mindset tools to keep you motivated each day (yes, they have swearing for inspo haha)

        The mini-masterclasses feature demonstrations and share extended knowledge on:

o   Re-programming the subconscious mind

o   Balancing the physical body and aligning chakra systems

o   Using soulful strategies, including moon phases

        Accountability crew – Don’t do you self-discovery journey alone! You will gain 3-months access to our private group while you do your inner-work! Amazing cheerleaders incoming!

*Using physical products is incredibly important in my teaching style
– you will experience more profound connection and alignment using these items in-person. It also means you have the tools to repeat the learning process again and again.

Feedback + Success:

My journal program and affirmations cards have been accessible for a number of years and used with fantastic success. However, as the world awakens to the energetic needs of our spiritual bodies, there was a real calling to include and share more information on a soul-level.

This 30-day experience builds on the process provided in my past journal program and connects spiritual practices and rituals for healing, alignment and amplification. You will understand your mind, body and soul in a completely new light.

Don’t just take it from me… See what the ladies have said about our journaling program in the past:

For just $297 you can also learn the secrets to radically unlock your life over the next 30-days.

Recurring Questions I get asked


Yes – this is a self-paced system that you can purchase when needed. However, periodically from time to time we will run challenges such as ‘Journal in June’ where you can complete the tasks from the 1st of the month as a collective!

Please include the correct address when completing your purchase so we can send goodies to you in the mail! You will also be sent a link to access the private accountability group and mini-masterclasses.

No matter who you are, if you engage in the simple self-discovery tasks/prompts/self-care outlined, you will become more self-aware. It can be as simple as just pulling a card each day – Everyone can find 30 seconds in their day for this… And if you’re convincing yourself you can’t, you really need to do the work!

 The information we provide is not intended to diagnose or propose medical/health advise. Please consult a medical professional at all times.

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