Rebecca Kelly Presents...


A simple daily-self care program to form healthier habits, promote more ‘me’ time without the guilt and create a life that finally reflects YOUR priorities!

So, what's in the program then?

What does it involve?
Using your program book, you choose a different self-care challenge each day. You may like to plan ahead using your included 30-day tracker or flick through each section to pick a certain time (e.g. 5 mins). Shuffle your daily affirmation cards and draw one in the morning for motivation! For accountability, there are daily posts in the group where you can share your card or chosen challenge. You will see all of the ideas shared each and every day by the amazing ladies already in the group!

This program is only for women…

1. Who… Have ever felt guilty, selfish or resentful for looking after themselves 😅

2. Who… Are going through a life transition (break up/grieving a loss) 💔

3. Who… Feel like their life is all about what everyone else wants and feels lost ❌

4. Who… Think they have 0 time for self-care 👎🏻

5. Who… Find it hard to think about their own needs or wants 💗

6. Who… Know there is more to life than living day-to-day like they have been ✨

7. Who… Are wanting to improve their mental health or mindset ✅

8. Who… Are realising there are like-minded ladies to connect with on a similar path 🥰

How long does the program go for? Ideally you should aim to do 30-days of solid self-care to see results. You can keep following it for every damn day of your life if you like! It doesn't matter if you miss a day or something tragic happens. You have the program forever to join us for every single round if you want to! Hello motivation!!

How much time do I need to commit? The beauty of this program is that there are sections split into 5-10min / 10-15min / 30min / 1+ hour so you choose how much time you have for the day! It's a program that's meant to be manageable for even the time-poorest of ladies

Can't I buy this anytime?
Unfortunately the books are ordered from a printing service who is only able to order wholesale in bulk. This means there is only limited availability and a program round will only be offered when there are books available. As the program grows in popularity the price will also rise, so jump in while you can!