Community Created Ladies Shed Initiative​

What we do

We’ve created an epic community of Perth’s best cheerleaders! We are a 10k+ group of Perth ladies committed to helping women find like-minded friends, try new things and have more fun! We are here to inspire you to live the kickass life you deserve! Check out our recent interview from Channel 7! 

How does it work?

Ladies HQ is a completely new concept – a type of ‘next-level ladies shed’ where we offer all kinds of events, meet-ups and workshops for women of all ages! The space is a community supported initiative where VIP members pay a small monthly fee to ensure we can stay open and offer all types of free meet-ups. These include free Crafternoons, Tarot and Tea, Hot Choc and Heal, 50s+ women’s club, cooking/product demos and lots, lots more!

How do I join?

Your monthly sponsorship literally helps keep our doors open for free community meet-ups and availability to host fun events! In return, we love treating our sponsors like VIPS!

In exchange for your financial support, we are able to offer you a range of exciting VIP benefits! In particular, we have partnered with businesses and facilitators to provide VIP events you would generally have to pay a high ticketed price for. We vary these events with all different offerings across the month (variety of weekdays/weekends). We generally offer 2-3 events minimum per month – even if you can only make one, it’s still highly valuable so your membership well and truly pays for itself! There are also special VIP-only-offers, discounts and early bird perks! 

Annnnd, alllll the good vibes for helping us
provide an inclusive space for all females.

Examples of VIP-Only-Events

Just look at some of these awesome VIP-only events from previous months! 

🚗 DIY Car Servicing Workshop with DIY Garage ($197 value)

🎨 Paint n’ sip by Jax.Art ($89 value)

💃 Financial Freedom Seminar by Ascend Financial Freedom

($147 value)

🧘 Yoga + Smoothie Bowls by Yolo Yoga Perth ($44 value)

(total valued at $477+++!)

PLUS allll the fun times to be had with the best group of gals! 

We are only limited by our imagination! Here some potential event types:

  • Soulful/Spiritual events (meditations, ladies circles, yoga, breathwork, journaling)
  • Social events (sundowners, movie nights, themed dinners, dance parties)
  • DIY workshops (upcycling, mechanics, power tools, other creative outlets)
  • Self-care focus (make-up workshops, hair styling, skincare, facials)

Ready to say YES to you?!

Then we want you in one of our limited VIP spots!

Simply join us for only $35 per month, over a minimum of 4 months!

Become a VIP Shed Sponsor!

Payment details


Recurring Questions I get asked


We cap the amount of VIP members to ensure we are able to have exclusive events and offers. We have had a waitlist for some time, however when spots become sporadicity available the link below will be clickable, so jump in if you get the opportunity! You can also join the waitlist here:


This is a MEMBER made community where we just keep getting bigger and better to help even more women… WOOHOO!! We officially opened our first venue in October 2021, which we outgrew within six short months!

We are currently based NOR in Wangara. However, we have lots of VIPs from all over Perth who choose to support the space and our initiative! Where possible we also try to have online sessions for extra accessibility and opportunities to re-watch content at a later date.

We are in the process of finding a SOR Perth venue and have started forming a waitlist to find out more information! Send a request here to be added:


Simply let us know! Maybe you’re heading on holiday, your circumstances temporarily change or you need a break…? We keep a list of lovely ladies in need of some love and support so – we often contact them if we know you can’t attend for a period of time.

Still wondering if this is for you?

Our VIPS are the type of ladies who put their hands up to try new things, love meeting like-minded women and quite simply, just want to get more FUN and ENJOYMENT in their life!! They think age is just a number and that women can get further, together. They want allll the positivity around them!

– Activities undertaken as a part of Ladies HQ are to be conducted at your own risk, always consider your personal circumstances.

– Location of the events, Ladies Shed or premise may change without notice.

– If a monthly payment is missed, our system will automatically continue to process your card. If it continues to fail, you will be removed from the private ‘VIP Shed Sponsor’ group and you will no longer be able to attend events. As a result, we will offer your place to the next person on the waitlist.

– No refunds/returns/break in the time period under any circumstances. For instances such as Covid, we have an online event model we can move to as a contingency plan.

– We may use images, videos, comments for promotional materials 

– After your 4 month period, if you don’t wish to continue, please send an email 14-days prior to admin@ladieshq.com.au