Energy Readings

Discover How Energy Affects EVERY Part Of Your Life!

Are you ready to start living in alignment?

Have you been feeling unmotivated, super stuck or struggling to move on from issues in the past?!

Would you love some clarity, direction or guidance about why you may be feeling this way?

Let me take a look at your energy!

What to expect

Our ‘energy’ has an overall affect on our well-being, behaviour, actions and relationships.

Energy always begins as neutral in the body, but is shaped by our mental and emotional processes which can affect our whole internal world.

Your ability to understand, deal with, and effectively use your emotional energy is vital to your happiness levels, motivation and ability to set and achieve your goals!

Would you love to know how your energetics are affecting you?!

Want personalised insight on your feelings, moods or emotions?

If so, my energy readings are perfect for you!

How it works

You don’t need to book anything or go anywhere…


I combine science with my energy training and intuition so I can send you a personalised reading from anywhere in the world.

You’ll receive an electronic chakra report from my energy frequency device as well as a personalised intuitive verbal reading from myself.

I’ll pull out the info that may be holding you back or impacting your life energetically!

It’s time to start living in alignment to where you KNOW and FEEL you should be!

Feedback from previous clients

I know my readings can provide incredible energetic guidance to help you align to where you want to be! But don’t just take it from me… Check out what these lovely ladies had to say…

Seriously, it’s time to start living the kickass life you deserve!

For just $297 I’m giving you the opportunity to empower yourself with the knowledge you need to energetically unlock your life!

Recurring Questions I get asked


It’s important to conduct this type of work when it feels right to tune into energy. You should expect to have the information from your energy reading back to you within 10-business days.

Within 48 hours you’ll be contacted by email or private DM to provide your full name, date of birth, heigh, weight and a simple 15 second voice recording

As human beings we are all made of energy so it’s possible for absolutely anyone to receive information from an energy reading. The information you receive will provide you with guidance, it’s not intended to diagnose or propose medical/health advice.

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