Where the magic of mindset, strategic marketing and business community meets to create…


A space that’s been missing in the busy business world – until now!

We’ve created a community where strategy, mindset and energy merge for the best business support and kickass coaching experience!

You don’t need another course, program or extra certification… But let us guess… You feel like you’re missing something on this crazy roller coaster ride called ‘business’…

Our new style community approach to coaching – what feels like 1:1 support that’s 100% got your back, but won’t break the bank!

Imagine having an expert support team in your pocket to build your business, bounce ideas, grow your skills and mindset all while cheerleading the f*ck out of you (through both the good andbad’ parts of business).

None of this cookie cutter ‘monthly coaching call bizzo’ that stunts your growth when all you really needed was help NOW! We’re not here for post and ghost accountability groups that other big coaches call ‘community’…


Stop the swirling thoughts in your head – Get the answers and info you need!

 F*ck being f*cking stuck!

We empower ALL female business owners with the right tools, knowledge and expertise to build businesses they LOVE while making money! That means… having fun in your business while making the sales you REALLY want WITHOUT being sales-y.
If you’ve ever found yourself sitting in a space of overwhelm wondering when the ‘big break’ is or where the sales will come from… or maybe you’re simply sick of this one gal biz band – you don’t have a place to share your wins and big biz ideas… To that we say, F*CK DOING BUSINESS ALONE!  In ‘Big Biz Energy’ we’ll come through with the:

Are you ready to STOP doing all things business ON YOUR OWN?! The right community, education, accountability, energy and mindset is the only way to get you where you want to go!

But is this really for me?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or ready to grow, our ‘Big Biz Energy’ badass coaching community and support crew have got you, girl!

We’ve nailed the perfect system to help you move through these stages while providing the right coaches with areas of expertise in:

Visualisation Phase:

Don’t have a business yet? Start the journey with us. F*CK being lonely while figuring this beginner biz shiz out! [Let us help you start-up your biz admin, craft your services, offers and products]

Strategy Kickstart:

Just starting out? So you’ve got the business name and know you’re ready to kick this biz into gear with the sales you really want. We’ll teach you the marketing strategies every female business owner needs to know to shortcut their success! [AKA social media strategies, lead generation, advertising, sales pages, email marketing, community growth]

Optimisation Era:

Starting to kill it in biz? F*ck yes! You’re getting sales and building your brand… But how do you grow without burning out or letting your business run to the ground every time you take a break. We’ll help you grow your team and mindset so you can outsource with ease. [Systems + processes, time management, mindset support, team troubleshooting]

Expansion Awaits:

Ready to scale? Your biz officially has an energy of its own… CONGRATS BADASS! It’s time to stop being the bottleneck! Step away to build the biggest vision of your business – we’re here to hold your hand! [Visualise, automate, systemise, scalability, profit margins]

This is for you if…

This is not for you if…

Our mission is to create a community where EVERY female business owner feels welcome and supported. It’s time to STOP being a ‘business’ all on your own! When you join us in ‘Big Biz Energy’, you’ll never be alone with your business ideas, strategies or struggles ever again! You belong in our community with a bunch of badasses and the best biz support!

Tools + Inclusions

(All this would cost you over $15k+ combined)!

Live coaching calls ($4,997) Don’t go a day without support

Jump on a coaching or support call with an expert so we can help with biz goals, new strategies and direct help with whatever you need

24/7 online support group + business engagement chat (pricelessss)

Say no more

Monthly intention setting support with your own pack of Big Biz Energy ‘daily affirmation cards’ to use ($1,997)

For motivation mindset and clarity

Business mastery tools + trainings (usually $197 each, so literally over $5K value)

You get access to all this and more each month!

Community connection – We learn best together ($1,997)

Exclusive business events, co-working and masterclasses

Outsourcing and admin support

We’ll share our known business support teams so you don’t have to do the guesswork

In-person perks

 Discounted space hire at Ladies HQ and discounted biz retreat offers 

Heavily discounted and priority 1:1 coaching strategy sessions (up to 50% off expert support)

Take ownership of where you need extra support with additional coaching where we literally open our calendar for you

Opportunity to be offered life-time guarantee for resources and coaching

 We won’t boot you out til’ you’re ready girl

But HOW is it possible to help us all, I hear you inquisitive AF business owners ask…. How can we provide a high-level of no BS coaching and support?

Girl, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at with your business, this is what all female business owner’s need!

We offer something that’s NEVER been done before; a combination of community, collaboration and content to help you grow!

We will hold your hand every step of the way in business, and when we say there are no dumb questions… WE MEAN IT (remember Rebecca Kelly used to be a high school teacher haha)! You’ll not only have Bec’s support as a trained coach and business strategies, but a team of expert coaches inside too.

As long as you are committed to building a heart-centred business which aligns to how you want to live your life, we’ll empower you every step of the way in your business journey!

Keep telling me more… How exactly?

Each Week

Jump on as many group calls as you need throughout the week where our coaches will support you within their areas of expertise; whether that’s mindset, marketing strategy, tech troubleshooting or content creation. No question is off limits – we’ll seriously help you get unstuck!

Monthly Masterclasses

When an area of interest or need arises within the group, we’ll find a coach or expert to help us with it! That means we keep on top of trends and hacks so we have a safe space to share them each month. Plus bonus business energy activations and mindset tools (picture group hypnosis, unblocking abundance codes, and heapssss more – we do get ‘woo’ because it works)!

Ongoing support

You can access any additional ‘business tools and trainings’ from the 100+ resources we give you in the library to fast track your business success. Plus, jump in our chat anytime for a vent or post in our online support group for quick support when you need it.

Our mission is to create a community where EVERY female business owner feels welcome and supported. It’s time to STOP being a business all on your own! When you join us in ‘Big Biz Energy’, you’ll never be alone with your business ideas, strategies or struggles ever again! You belong in our community with a bunch of badasses and the best biz support!

Check out all our badasses booming their businesses!

Over the last three years we’ve evolved and watched our systems, tools and strategies work with all types of businesses time and time again! There’s a reason we are constantly at capacity! We’ve built a COMMUNITY female business owners can’t live without… Seriously, 90% of our members have stayed since we launched this as a rolling community… And that’s because it just keeps getting bigger and better!

Look what they’ve got to share…

Common questions from the gals…


You’ll be on your biz journey with us for six months, then it’s up to you if you’d like to remain in the community (a majority of the ladies stay for all the amazing support!). Ideally you should get through a large portion of the content over that time, HOWEVER we know shit happens! That’s why we give you the option to access absolutely everything for an ongoing arrangement after your time in the community comes to an end. That way you can snap up a spot but start a little later if needed, go on holiday or take a break if you need it for any reason. It doesn’t matter if you go MIA for a couple of weeks (although we’ll miss you!) or shit goes down, you can jump back in and we’ll be there to hold your hand. Hello motivation!!

Badass business owner, we freaking KNOW you’re busy! The beauty of this community and our systems is that you can literally see success just from asking questions, attending/catching up on coaching calls, doing the biz activations and watching past content. You can choose how much time you really want to put into your business, but we’ve made it as convenient, quick and easy as possible – It’s meant to be manageable and helpful for even the time-poorest of biz ladies! Rebecca Kelly created this community while doing full time teaching and running her own biz, she knows how precious time is! If ya got time to scroll on socials, you’ve got time to work on yoself and your biz!!

We have a range of coaching times and options as we have business owners from all over the world in our community. We have calls that range from early in the morning, to mid-day and then in the evening. Since we have multiple calls throughout the week, we’re sure you’d make at least one! Be assured everything is easily accessible from the replays.

As we’re sure you can understand, we limit places in the community to ensure every lovely lady is supported! We don’t open the doors for just any biz gal at any time. As we also have physical products it’s dependent on our stock levels. This means there is limited availability in our community and a place will only be offered periodically. If you’ve been offered a spot, snap it up! As the community grows in popularity and there is increased content, the price will also rise so jump in while you can!

We want as many ladies as possible supported in their business whatever stage they may be at! We work with you to see what is affordable and try to do this without the exorbitant price tag – even with all the value you get. Think about spending this money to invest in yourself and your business! You’re set to receive way beyond what this will cost you. The people you’ll meet and the trainings you’ll have access to can’t even begin to complete with the value you’ll receive. We occasionally have special offers so make sure you’ve applied for more information as we’ll contact you first.

Rebecca Kelly - New Image

Meet Rebecca Kelly

Founder of Ladies HQ – Our Badass Business Strategist + Energy Activator/Educator

Rebecca Kelly is a women’s empowerment coach, business strategist, podcast host, educator, speaker and founder of renowned coaching and events company ‘Ladies HQ’.

Bec is on a mission to empower women everywhere to start living the kickass lives they deserve – whether that’s helping ladies look inwards to see what they really want out of their lives or building businesses from start-up to full on scale!

After leaving behind two wildly successful careers in marketing and education, she considers herself a life-long-learner with various degrees, trainings and certifications. Her inspiration for learning fuels her passion in building women to be more confident in themselves through having a supportive community, collaborating with others, and learning to communicate their needs effectively.

As you will see from the hundreds of positive reviews for Ladies HQ and the testimonials from her coaching programs, Rebecca believes all women can step into their power when they have simple strategies and the right tools. She is also trained in quantum healing with a host of metaphysical certifications from energy management to psychic communication.

Prepare to start living the kickass life you deserve, because you’re about to be welcomed into a world where you can become the woman you’ve always wanted to be! As a business coach and marketing strategist, Rebecca can literally help you in all aspects of your business. This ranges from visualisation, beginning stages, implementation, idea exploration and offer or program creation. Then further to this; audience building, sales strategies and funnels, lead magnets, copy writing, and email marketing campaigns. Scaling wise she is experienced in launch fundamentals, creating systems and processes, including a range of software implementation and automation programs.

Meet Sarah Miller

Founder of Sarandipity Soul Space – Our Purpose-Lead Mindset Coach + Scaling Specialist

She’s the CEO side-kick, biz bestie, all round cheerleader you’ve always f*cking wanted! Sarah is the definition of where mindset and skillset meet. Aside from starting out in radio marketing, she’s been building huge corporations behind the scenes to support CEO’s with all aspects of scalability, profit analysis, automation and everything in between. 

Sarah’s known in our community as the queen of organisation, time management and idea generation. Pair this with her formal qualification in Communications and Certifications in Human Design, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching – You honestly can’t ask have asked for a better combination behind you building a thriving business you actually love!


Meet Rheannon Watts

Founder of Social Solved – Our Kickass Social Media Coach + Content Creation Queen

Rheannon is a trained social media manager and the founder of grassroots Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Agency ‘Social Solved’.

Rheannon was always a creative and artistic designer until she officially made a start in the social media industry after being hired as a VA for a digital marketing agency. She fell in love with content creation, lead generation and social media marketing so much that she wanted a business to call her own.

After being highly sought after in the industry she decided to launch her own digital marketing agency to support as many small businesses as possible. Rheannon now manages a team to carry out marketing services while she offers businesses owners coaching, courses and training in all things social media.

Fun fact

Rheannon was originally a content creator for Ladies HQ until Bec encouraged her to grow her wings to build her own agency. She speaks highly of the marketing methods used in the coaching community and often gives it thanks for her fast-growing success. Her devotion to small business success on socials fuelled Bec to ask her to join the coaching team of ‘Big Biz Energy’.

Meet Zara Avilla

Founder of Online Strategy Co – Our No Sh*t Numbers Gal for Product Based Biz + SEO Wiz

Known in our community for ‘cracking the product-based business code’ – Zara is the owner of popular earring label ‘Hooked On You Australia’ and fast growing SEO agency ‘Online Strategy Co’. Driven by data, numbers and results, she’ll support you behind the scenes working on your SEO (search engine optimisation) and website strategy.

You’ll start getting REAL results and organic growth through her tried and tested tactics. Stop posting on social media aimlessly and going after every single shiny marketing object you think will work to build your brand. Whatever your business, whether product or service based, she’ll help you build the foundations from the ground up. Get ready to grow!


So now it’s up to you…

You can keep going at business alone…

Struggle through all the overwhelm and minefields of trying to figure it all out on your own

(Hell no, so not fun!)

Or you can join us inside ‘Big Biz Energy’ to shortcut your success and make your biz BOOM!

The choice is totally up to YOU girl! But don’t delayWHY?!… Because business INDECISION actually costs you TIME and MONEY!

You deserve to join the best bunch of badass business babes, and finally feel supported on your business journey.

We are a ‘rolling’ coaching and support community which runs all year round – we offer places when we have capacity and when we have someone who is aligned AF apply…

Make sure you’ve popped your details below so we can get in touch to see if you’re a fit for our community!
Hint: If you’re heart-centred and ready to thrive instead of survive, there’s a good chance we’ll get you in ASAP.

In here you won’t pay $1000s of dollars like most coaches would charge for this level of support. We don’t put a price on our community because we want to work with you to include any other services we see may also benefit your business.

But what we will say is — you could have all these tools and life changes for about a cup of coffee a day!

YES! Give me ALL this good shit!

Fill out your details so Rebecca Kelly can get in touch directly to discuss your biz support and coaching needs.

Can’t wait for you to be amongst our ‘Big Biz Energy’ 

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